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Please note that a non-refundable, one-off registration fee is payable on our services. Some will also incur sessional charges. Please refer to our Fees for more information.

Initial contact with our service

If you would like to make an enquiry or if you wish to use our services, you may contact us via the website, on the telephone or in person. We are a busy service; please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you haven't heard from us within a week, please by all means give us a call, to ask for an update.

Please note that the above set-up fee is payable in advance of booking your initial appointment (if you pay this yourself). We appreciate just how hard it can be to get in touch and we try to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. However, we must also follow our well-established procedures to give you the best and most fair service possible, while also observing our boundaries as professionals.

Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy against the use of confrontational or abusive language when liaising with our staff - we cannot be of help under these circumstances.

Intake Appointments

Your first appointment with us will always be an individual appointment the content of which reflects your specific needs. The session covers information on the options available to you, taking into account your circumstances and the area of your life you would like support with. Seeing you alone first will give you the opportunity to ask any questions, and receive information that is tailored to your individual needs. It also enables us to ask you questions about your circumstances, to enable us to offer you the most suitable way forward. Everyone must have an intake appointment before being offered any of our services.

Q: "Can I bring my child or somebody else with me to my intake appointment?   A: "No, please ensure you attend your initial appointment on your own. Please let us know if you have a young baby who is breastfed and we will accommodate you."
Q: "Are there intake appointments available any day, any time, and any location?"   A: "No, we have available slots that you may choose from, depending on where you live. Generally, we can offer you an intake appointment in Dundee, Arbroath, Perth, Glenrothes and Dunfermline. All intake appointments take place during office hours. Please note, due to great demand on our services intake appointments are booked up a fair bit in advance."
Q: "How soon after my intake will I be offered my first mediation/counselling/contact session?   A: "It depends on what the service is, and also on the other parties (e.g. the other parent) attending their intake appointment, too. Please rest assured, we will contact you as soon we are ready to proceed. Some of our services may have additional waiting times, but we will let you know about these at your intake. Furthermore, the more flexible your availability is, the better the chances that we will be able to offer you an appointment sooner."
Q: "Do you accept every case for mediation/counselling/contact?"   A: "Not necessarily, there are criteria to be met and we carry out an assessment, based on these."
Q: "If you decline to offer a service following my intake, or if the other party doesn't engage, will I get my set-up fee back?" A: "The registration fee is non-refundable. It partially covers the administrative costs of registering your case, your initial appointment, and carrying out an suitability assessment following your intake session."
Q: "What if the other party and I can't agree on what service to use?"   A: "If there is no joint agreement as to what service to use, we will make an initial attempt to clarify positions. After that, we will be unable to proceed with your case any further."

Family Mediation

Mediation provides an opportunity for parents or other family members to discuss, with the help of a trained mediator, the issues of concern to them. These issues tend to cause conflict, a communication break-down and relationship difficulties. The service is particularly relevant for separated or separating parents, who wish to negotiate future arrangements for their children. It can also bring huge benefits to young people who may be at risk of becoming homeless due to conflict with their families; or to step families in transition, and any other family relationships.

Q: "Can you make the other parent attend mediation?"   A: "No, the service is entirely voluntary and we cannot (and do not) enforce attendance. We are not part of the legal process and do not operate in similar ways to a solicitor, an advocate or a case worker."
Q: "Can I speak to my mediator outwith my sessions?"   A: "Generally, not. Mediators do not work set hours. Their availability aside, they also have to ensure that they remain impartial and neutral throughout the process and liaising with one parent separately would compromise that."
Q: "Where do you offer mediation appointments and how much are they?"   A: "Generally, we offer appointments in Dundee, Perth, Arbroath, Glenrothes and Dunfermline, but may be able to accommodate alternative locations if required. For any costs involved, please refer to our Fees."

Supported, Supervised, and Facilitated Handover Contact

The Child Contact Centres provide child-friendly, staffed premises to enable children, and parents or any other family members who live apart, to meet in a safe, neutral and informal atmosphere and spend some quality time together. We can also facilitate the handover of children from one parent to the other, if required. The service is set up to prevent, if needed, parties from meeting one another, eliminating anxieties around facilitating the children seeing their other parent or other family members.

Q: "I have a court order to use your Centre for contact and it has to start a certain date and certain time. Does that mean you must follow this order?   A: "The court order applies to you as a parent and not to us, although the order may include our service as a proposed venue. We are an independent charity offering services and we have our own processes and timescales to work through. Having said that, we have a long standing working relationship with the local courts and try our best to accommodate court ordered contact. "
Q: "Do I need an agency, solicitor or court to refer me?   A: "No, you may self-refer if you feel that you might benefit from any of our services. If the Scottish Legal Aid Board has approved paying for your legal fees (in part or in full) then they may pay for our fees, also. In this case we require your solicitor to contact us directly, with certain pieces of information."
Q: "Do you have any rules for using the Centres?"   A: "Yes, we have a number of rules, policies and procedures that apply to the use of the Centres. These are in place for a number of reasons, and mainly for the protection of the children, parents and our workers. Therefore, they are not flexible and negotiable."
Q: "Where are the Centres and what are the costs?"   A: "We operate Centres in Dundee, Arbroath, Perth, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy. For any costs, please refer to our Fees."

Children and Young Persons' Counselling

Children and young people between the ages 8 and 18, who are experiencing emotional difficulties with parental separation, divorce or living in a stepfamily situation have access to confidential counselling on a one-to-one basis from a Children and Young Persons' Counsellor.

Q: "Can you tell me (or the Court, the Social Worker, or Guidance Teacher), what my child says in counselling?   A:" Absolutely not, unless we have a concern for their welfare or safety. The counselling relationship relies heavily on the child trusting that what they talk to the Counsellor about, will remain between them."
Q: "Can I attend the sessions with my child?"   A: "No, the sessions are for the child alone. You may drop them off and collect them at the end of the session, and you may be able to wait for them if needed, in our waiting room. If you believe that it would be helpful to attend sessions as a family unit, please refer to our Family Therapy service."
Q: "Where do you offer Children's Counselling and what are the costs?"   A: "We offer appointments in Dundee and Glenrothes. We request donations for sessions, depending on how much you can afford."

Relationship Counselling

The service provides a setting where individuals or couples, who have experienced difficulties in a close relationship, may talk through things in confidence with a qualified counsellor. Our aim is to help people look at and deal with the changes in their lives.

Q: "How much is the service and where do you offer appointments?"   A: "We offer this service in Dundee only. Sessions are currently offered at £45 per session."
Q: "Is there a waiting list?"   A: "Yes, please contact us for up to date waiting times."

Sexual Relationship Therapy

The service is offered to individuals or couples who experience sexual difficulties in their relationships. This form of therapy offers help with sexual problems.

Q: "Where do you offer this service and what are the costs?"   A: "This service is offered in Dundee only. Sessions are £30 per session."
Q: "Does it have to be a couple, or can I come alone?"   A: "You can use the service as an individual or as a couple."

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses specifically on family relationships and may include the entire family unit. It helps family members help each other and work things out together, by looking at the dynamics in the different relationships that exist within the family.

Q: "Where and what days is this service offered?"   A: "Currently, sessions are available in Dundee only. Primarily, appointments tend to be offered on Mondays."
Q: "What are the costs and can I self-refer?   A: "Currently, a 90 minute session is charged at £55 per session."

Parenting Apart Information Workshops

The one-off workshops are offered to separating or separated parents who would like to find out more about the impact that separation has had on their children. It gives parents a perspective on how to support themselves and their children through transition.

Q: "Are the workshops free and where are they held?"   A: "They are indeed. Our workshops are held in Glenrothes and Dundee, currently once a month."
Q: "Do we attend together with my ex-partner or current partner?"   A: "Absolutely not. The workshops are for individuals. We ensure that you do not attend the same one as the other parent."

Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife was established in 1986. We are an independent charity and a member of Relationships Scotland. Our services conform to their Standards and Code of Practice.



Families come in all shapes and sizes, and are from a wide variety of backgrounds. We work with each of them with respect and empathy. We support all who need it, irrespective of the type of family they live in, their age, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, language or disability. We show equal respect to our employees, practitioners, staff members and volunteers.


We enable families and individuals to make decisions about their lives as much as possible, and to take responsibility for their decision-making. We ensure the children and young people develop a voice of their own and are included in decisions affecting them. We support them to make informed choices, and move on from conflict. We enable change to happen - whatever 'change' may mean to the family. We create opportunity, but we don't create dependency.


It is not our job to take sides and decide who is wrong and who is right. Rather, we help our clients deal with their difficulties themselves. We do not judge. Our services are offered with fairness and neutrality in mind.


Our services are provided by trained, accredited professionals. We take good care to select our practitioners and staff, to meet the expectations of our clients and the highest of regulatory standards. We also provide on-going development opportunities, to ensure our staff deliver an excellent service.


  • To promote for the public benefit, predominantly but not exclusively, the provision of services directed towards mediation, conciliation, reconciliation and counselling with the object of assisting any persons concerned in matrimonial and family disputes of any kind whatever, whether or not involved in any Court proceedings.To assist divorcing and separating parents to reach agreement about future arrangements, especially for their children.
  • To offer support and counselling to children and young people who are experiencing changes in their lives due to parental separation, divorce or moving into a step family.
  • To help children maintain a meaningful relationship with both their parents and their extended families.
  • To offer support and counselling to couples and individuals with regards to relationship difficulties and issues around separation.
  • To assist extended and step-families with negotiating arrangements around children, overcoming relationship breakdown and re-establishing communication.
  • To provide a holistic service to individuals and families experiencing relationship difficulties, separation or divorce.
  • To work and campaign for the understanding and improvement of the rights and interests of families.

Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife is the operating name of Family Mediation Tayside and Fife