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Below you will find a brief outline of the services we offer. Please click on the blue headings for further information on a service.

Family Mediation

Mediation provides an opportunity for parents or other family members to discuss, with the help of a trained mediator, the issues of concern to them. These issues tend to cause conflict, a communication break-down and relationship difficulties. The service is particularly relevant for separated or separating parents, who wish to negotiate future arrangements for their children. It can also bring huge benefits to young people who may be at risk of becoming homeless due to conflict with their families; or to step families in transition, and any other family relationships.

Supervised, Supported, and Facilitated Handover Contact

The Child Contact Centres provide child-friendly, staffed premises to enable children, and parents or any other family members who live apart, to meet in a safe, neutral and informal atmosphere and spend some quality time together. We can also facilitate the handover of children from one parent to the other, if required. The service is set up to prevent, if needed, parties from meeting one another, eliminating anxieties around facilitating the children seeing their other parent or other family members.

We also offer one-to-one support to parents, to enable them to overcome obstacles to successful contact, and to improve the parental communication and relationship, for the benefit of their children. This may include taking the first steps to discuss matters in mediation.

Once you have used supported or supervised contact services, you may be able to access Out-of-Centre Contact, also. Please ask for more information.

Parenting Apart Groups

The one-off workshops are offered to separating or separated parents who would like to find out more about the impact that separation has had on their children. It gives parents a perspective on how to support themselves and their children through this difficult life event.

Children and Young Persons' Counselling

Children and young people between the ages 8 and 18, who are experiencing emotional difficulties with parental separation, divorce or living in a stepfamily situation have access to confidential counselling on a one-to-one basis from a Children and Young Persons' Counsellor.

Relationship Counselling

The service provides a setting where individuals or couples, who have experienced difficulties in a close relationship, may talk through things in confidence with a qualified counsellor. Our aim is to help people look at and deal with the changes in their lives.

Sexual Relationships Therapy

The service is offered to individuals or couples who experience sexual difficulties in their relationships. This form of therapy offers help with sexual problems.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses specifically on family relationships and may include the entire family unit. It helps family members help each other and work things out together, by looking at the dynamics in the different relationships that exist within the family.

It made me realise that we do actually agree on many things about the children.

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