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Children and Young Persons' Counselling

Exploring changes in my family

What is counselling for children for?

A Children and Young Persons' Counselling Service is offered to enable children and young people time to explore their thoughts and feelings about changes they may be experiencing in their life due to parental separation, divorce or moving into a step family.

-      The child or young person is aged between 8 and 18 years.

-      Parents do not, or no longer live together or the child lives in a blended family. The child is experiencing difficulties arising from or relating to the parental separation, divorce or family transition.  


At the time of your separation or divorce life can be difficult, not only for yourself, but for everyone in the family. For children and young people the changes may be completely unexpected which can cause them to feel pretty mixed up and sometimes a bit scared by what will happen to them.

Family change can affect children's behaviour, for example, temper tantrums. Older children may become withdrawn, appear sad or have difficulties at school.

A teenager feeling that their previous emotional security is threatened may resort to open rebellion.

Never assume children and young people are too old or too young for separation not to affect them and whatever their age need continued love and support.

Who are the Counsellors?

Counsellors are trained professionals who have thorough knowledge and understanding of the complexity of family life and separation, divorce and family restructuring. All our counsellors are fully qualified and our service is an organisational member of COSCA. Counsellors undertake regular supervision and continued professional development.

What the service offers

The counselling sessions are designed to allow a child or young person to explore what their parents' separation has meant for them, helping them to have confidence in themselves and perhaps to have a better understanding of the changes in their lives.

As individual work with a child or young person progresses, it might become apparent that in order to help move a child on, other family members may be included or consulted during the programme. This inclusion would be with the child or young person's knowledge and consent.

Separation can affect children of all ages and the Counsellor will see children and young persons between the ages of 8 and 18.

A range of methods and tools such as toys, therapeutic games and exercises, books and art work are employed to suit the particular developmental needs of the child or young person. All sessions are informal and relaxed at the child's own pace.

How to access the Service

Parents can contact Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife or a referral can be made by another adult such as a teacher who can help arrange it for you. If you are over 14 you can contact the service without your parents' consent.


It is important that parents understand a child's right to privacy in the therapeutic setting. Confidentiality is crucial in creating a safe place for the child to feel free to express their feelings. It enables a trust-based therapeutic relationship. Therefore we do not provide reports or details of the counselling sessions subject to the terms of our confidentiality policy. 

The content of a session would remain with the child or young person and the counsellor unless the child or young person chooses otherwise.

An exception to total confidentiality would arise if a child makes a serious allegation that they or another have been exposed to a dangerous/abusive situation.

You will find answers to some commonly asked questions, under What We Do.

We were lucky to have the counsellor with my child feeling confident to spend time with her and open up. It made such a difference in a safe and comfortable environment.

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