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Doing the best for your child

What is Parenting Apart?

Parenting Apart sessions are one off, 2-3 hour workshops where parents can find out how best to support their children through separation - covering the emotional process of separation, children's different needs at different stages, and what children need to hear.

An opportunity for parents to find out how to help their children successfully manage separation and divorce.

Half of all relationships end in separation and divorce and as many as 50,000 children in Scotland are affected by divorce or separation each year.

  • Are you thinking of separating, or are you already separated?
  • Are you worried about doing the best for your children, whilst coping with everything else in this situation?
  • Would you like to hear about ways of managing and helping your family to move forward?

It isn't easy for parents or children to go through the changes that breaking up can bring, but you can improve the outcomes for you and your children by learning how to put their needs first.

Our programme for parents covers:

  • Information and practical ideas on how to build a positive future for you and your children
  • Talking to your children about the separation
  • The effects of this life changing event on children and adults
  • How to deal with less than ideal situations.

You will find answers to some commonly asked questions, under What We Do.

We acknowledge the support of the Scottish Government through a Strategic Funding Partnership Grant.

Sessions in Dundee: 10am - 12pm one Friday a month and 6pm - 8pm one Monday a month. Sessions in Glenrothes: 6 – 9pm one Thursday a month and 1 – 4pm one Wednesday a month

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