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Sexual Relationship Therapy

Addressing issues, strengthening relationships

What is Sexual Relationship Therapy?

Having an active healthy sex life is important in most intimate relationships. Some people do however experience sexual difficulties in their relationships and sexual therapy offers help for people with sexual problems.

Who is it for?

Sexual relationship therapy is for individuals as well as couples - married, living together or apart, in opposite or same sex relationships - who are experiencing a sexual problem or concern.

Who are the sexual therapists?

Our sexual therapists are experienced counsellors who have completed specific training in sexual therapy to diploma level. All sexual therapists work to professional standards and have to go through an annual renewal process to demonstrate that they have met the required standards of supervision and Continuing Professional Development. You may be offered an appointment with someone who is working towards their final qualification. You will always be advised if this is the case.

How long does a sexual therapy session last?

Sessions last about an hour.

What if I find it difficult talking about my sexual concerns?

Our therapists realise that sexual concerns are difficult to talk about and will do everything they can to put you at ease. They know that couples can often feel uncomfortable explaining their sexual problems to one another and will help you overcome this.

What will happen in a therapy session?

The first time you meet a therapists, you'll talk through your sexual concerns in detail within a secure and comfortable setting. Discussing sexual concerns in an open and constructive way provides an opportunity to work towards a positive outcome and change. You will be asked about any health concerns or medical problems and what drug treatments, if any, you are taking.

When you come with your partner you will be seen together but may be asked to come for an individual session as well. This helps the therapist to be aware of your individual differences and needs in order to offer you a realistic assessment and therapy plan. He or she will then recommend the most helpful way forward. Each couple or individual is different so approaches will vary, as will the number of therapy sessions needed. There is no limit to the number of sessions available to you - it depends on how many you need.

What are common sexual problems?

  • In sexual relationships couples often have different needs and levels of interest and may have stopped having sex.
  • Sometimes a previous sexual abuse experience begins to affect the current sexual relationship.
  • Physical and emotional ill-health can also impact on an individual's sexual responses
  • Use of internet sex may be causing difficulties in the relationship.

Men can often experience difficulties with low desire, ejaculation, maintaining an erection, pain when having sex or difficulty reaching orgasm.
Women can often experience difficulties with low desire, painful intercourse, difficulty reaching orgasm, or contractions of the muscles around the vagina (vaginismus) which makes intercourse impossible.

To help you overcome your sexual concerns, your therapist may give you some sexual tasks for you or you and your partner to carry out at home. You will never be asked to undertake sexual tasks at a therapy session.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Our therapists are bound by a duty of confidentiality, unless circumstances suggest that the issues being discussed may pose a risk to clients or the wider community. Such issues include domestic abuse, child protection, money laundering and terrorism. In all circumstances, care is taken to protect confidentiality and no disclosure will be made without discussing the issues first, unless there is an urgent risk of harm. All our sexual therapists work to the ethical standards of the national professional bodies.

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